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•Therapy for spinal, neck, low back, shoulder and arm pain or injuries

•Degenerative joint disease treatment

•Hand & wrist treatment for repetitive motion disorders

•Therapy and rehabilitation for sports-related injuries (muscular and skeletal)

•Arthritis and Fibromyalgia treatment

•Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

•Osteoporosis treatment

•TMJ dysfunction therapy

•Nutraceuticals for before and after surgery to optimize healing

• Free Nutraceutical Consultations

• Weight Management Strategies through Lifestyle Management

•Holistic Approaches to Pain Management

•Evidence-Based Nutritional Supplements

•Customized Isotonic-Capable Nutritional Supplements

• Free “Working Wellness” Seminars to teach you how to "Have a Pain Free Day." •

Physical Therapy Program

•Therapy for soft tissue injuries,eg. Tendonitis.

•Knee and Hip Replacement Rehab.

•Degenerative Joint Disease Rehab

•Hand, Wrist, Elbow & Shoulder treatment

Joint Flexibility Modalities

•Range of Motion Improvement

•Free Wellness Consultations

•Lifestyle Weight Management

•Gene-Based Testing and Customized Supplements

•Natural, Nutritional Approaches to Pain Control

•Science-Based Nutritional Supplements

•Free Wellness Education Seminars





•Electrical Stimulation

•(NMES) Hydrotherapy


•Moist hot packs

•Contrast Bath

•Paraffin Bath

•Spinal Traction

•Vasopnuematic Compression Device

Other Skilled Services

•Neuromuscular Re-education:

•Techniques including NDT, PNF

•Manual Therapy / Mobillization:

•McKenzie, Maitland , Mulligan Techniques

•Massage / Myofasical Release

•Pain Management

•Industrial Rehab / Ergonomics

•Prosthetic Training

•Contract Services

•Home Care Physical Therapy Service

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